Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Libra and a whole host of other crypto-currencies are here to stay... While the regulatory environment may still be evolving these modern currencies seem poised to becoming mainstream sometime in the future.  Electrical energy is being transformed into crypto-currency by avid miners every day. And lots of it! The mining process is a very energy intensive one. Hence the need for qualified Energy Consulting from the early stage of a mining operation planning. On one hand to assure the most sustainable operation and on the other hand to just make the business case possible. It would not make sense to spend more money in electricity than the value of the crypto-currency being mined. A cheap utility rate ($/KW-Hr) and the efficient use of electricity are paramount to a successful mining operation. Renewable Energy considerations can come into play to bring sustainability, and good marketing mix, into a mining enterprise too.      

We are ready to perform Energy Consulting & Engineering, and to support the permitting process, for crypto-currency mining through out the world. Particularly in the cold latitudes of both hemispheres where the favorable climate can bring energy savings.  

We know the applicable Codes and Standards and are willing to promote sustainable and profitable ways to advance new technologies even at early stage. Hopefully new advancements and applications can exploit more socially meaningful benefits out of this and other disrupting technologies.   

Please, feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you!   

                                                             Energy Consulting for a bitcoin mining venture in Qu├ębec, Canada